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The Following Films Are Featured for 2007 in Alphabetical Order.


2 in the AM PM
JG Quintel [Burbank, CA] U S A
Animation >

JG and Devin, two teenagers working the late shift at a gas station on Halloween night, are bored out of their minds so JG decides to give Devin some candy. Unfortunately for Devin, the candy is filled with drugs. The two gas station attendants go on a fantastical journey of the mind while trying to maintain their cool. Can they keep it together in front of their first customer of the night? Maybe it would be a better idea to go home and sleep it off.

• 20Q
Benjamin Keith - [Tremont, IL] U S A
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >

The Association of Competitive Questioning is growing slowly, but to an odd group of devoted fans, the world is focused on little else. A documentary crew follows Lolita Dorchuck (Victoria Jackson of Saturday Night Live), a stressed out mother of three, Fritzgerald McDermott Doubet (Ron Chastain), the leader of the local 20 questions chapter, Martin Miller (Jerry Bowman) the 2002 National Twenty Question Champion, and the other members as they strive to win and advance onto the national scene.


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A Little Night Fright
Mischa Livingstone - [Los Angeles, CA] U S A
Horror >

When the bedtime story ends and the lights go out, a little boy exacts revenge on his tormenting older brother.
Jack Swanstrom - [Los Angeles, CA] U S A
Fantasy/Sci-Fi >

1972. An American soldier, Marquette (David Morse - The Green Mile), is captured and tortured in Vietnam. At the height of agony, Marquette suddenly finds himself home, living an idyllic life in the US with a loving wife and children that he's never seen before. As he struggles to take in what's happening to him, he discovers the cruel pain of war isn't over after all. As the clock strikes midnight every night, he is back in Vietnam where his torture resumes a few minutes each time. Trapped in unending cycle of pain, he must find a way to endure unless, with the clock counting down, Marquette can cheat fate. Escaping will take his wits. And it will require a gun.
Andrew Kemp - [Jonesboro, GA] U S A
Horror >

For the first time, see a zombie outbreak through undead eyes.
A group of survivors wait out a monstrous attack in the safety of a suburban home. When one of their own is killed, though, he becomes the biggest threat they've faced. Looking through the monster's eyes, "After" moves from deep in the house's basement, to upstairs, and finally outside the worst place for the living to be.
Deployment Strategy
Mark Cheng - [North Brunswick, NJ] U S A
Fantasy/Sci-Fi >

In a future wrought with paranoid governments, rogue programmers and their cybernetic brethren, a young soldier embarks on a mission that will challenge his beliefs about Man's new role as Creator.



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Hobie Thompson - [Los Angeles, CA] U S A
Mockumentary >

A mockumentary about a television show called 'Elevator', a show about a group of people stuck in an elevator; with clips from the show, interviews with the actors, fans, and producers of the show.
Frank, Jeffry, Benji & Me
Joshua Wilkinson - [Los Angeles, CA] U S A
Documentary >

Coming from a family of peace activists, student filmmaker Joshua Wilkinson tries to make peace where it is lacking most: between four generations of Wilkinson men. A touching and brave personal journey that, through laughs and through tears, reveals the power of forgiveness and compassion in fatherhood.

I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich
Julia Radochia - [Arlington, MA] U S A
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >

Susan, a QA tester, is having a busy day at work. As she attempts to take a break to eat her lunch at her desk, her pesky co-workers keep stopping her before she can take a bite.

Ijo People
Max Nguyen - [Houston, TX] U S A
Narrative >

An office schlep finds a box on his desk that contains a mysterious remote which enables him to not only stop time (briefly), but also just might empower him to shed his corporate skin and live free!
John Cernak - [Winston-Salem, NC] U S A
Animation >

Don’t Tread on Me. What “THE MAN” wants, “THE MAN” gets...and if you don’t pay attention it will all go by in the blink of a sound bite!
Linear Progression
Kat Kosmala - [Anaheim, CA] U S A
Animation >

Strange creatures! Beautiful animation! Grass! What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Such conundrums and charm abound in Linear Progression.
Ma Rainey's Lesbian Licks
Robert Philipson - [Oakland, CA] U S A
Documentary >

A recreation of a 1928 blues number with explicit lesbian lyrics, the first of its kind.
Manoj: Telemarketer Elite
Steve Anthopoulos - [Sydney, NSW] Australia
Mockumentary >

Manoj is India’s most celebrated Telemarketer. As president of TeleCosmos he oversees a highly successful firm of telemarketers in India with over 4.5% of total economic market share. Manoj’s remarkable talent on the phone and genius instinct for dealing with overseas customers cements the triumph of TeleCosmos with even the President of India requesting his help dealing with a terrorist negotiation.
Max Caliber Hawaii P.I.
Chris Cowden - [Cold Lake, AB] U S A
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >

Hawaii, 1980s, detective Max Caliber investigates beaches, clubs, and the ladies. He hunts down crime with the help of his high tech talking sports car, Knight Stalker, and his moustache wearing partner, Thomas Fructose. Max catches the trail of a notorious movie pirate and won't stop until justice is served. Made in the style of 1980s adventure shows, Max Caliber is an Action-Comedy Satire with a strong anti-piracy message.
My Eskimo Friend
Sean Heyboer - [Winter Park, FL] U S A
Narrative >

When a 10 year old boy has to deal with the death of his best friend, he turns to an unlikely friend; an imaginary Eskimo that he purchases from a neighborhood garage sale. The Eskimo takes him through a journey into his own world and helps him to reconcile with his mother.

My Life in Subtitles
Danny Grossman - [South Pasadena, CA} U S A
Mockumentary >

David Kessler woke up one morning to find everything he said subtitled with what he was *really* thinking. A documentary film crew followed him on his first day outside, and witnessed the disastrous results.
My Name Is Wallace
Bob Pondillo - [Burbank, CA} U S A
Narrative >

Wallace Waverly is a socially sheltered, high functioning mentally challenged man who has lived with his mother all his life. Upon her death, Wallace finds himself alone and lonesome, rattling around in mom's big, old Victorian home. Wallace's days now consist of playing ragtime on the family piano and gazing out the front window. One day, as he browses through the personal section of a newspaper he sees an ad that reads: 'Lonely? Need Love? Call 1-900-HOT BABES.' Wallace, taking the ad literally, dials the number and falls in love with Tiffany, the 900 sex-line operator he encounters.'My Name is Wallace,' while a sweet and touching comedy, is also the story of personal salvation through love.

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Anya Belkina - [Durham, NC] U S A
Animation >

Based on the poem by Rumi, 'Nasuh' is a short film created by composer Scott Lindroth and artist Anya Belkina. It tells the story of a lecherous bath-house worker, Nasuh, who overcomes his carnal desires when hit by a spiritual revelation.

Brent Nowak - [Encino, CA} U S A
Mystery/Suspense/Thriller >

A man battles schizophrenia and fights with fact and facade in an uncontrolable "Nightmare."
Not Quite Dead
Stephen Krystek - [Phoenix, AZ] U S A
Horror >

Heavily armed and lacking common sense, Kris must lead his friends out a zombie-infested neighborhood and into safety.



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Lauren Timmons - [Brooklyn, NY] U S A
Horror >

Ben is an aspiring Paranormal Researcher with one night to conduct the investigation of a lifetime. Problem is, tonight could be the last straw for Ben's skeptical girlfriend Sheila. And Ben's best friend Travis is more interested in the new girl than ghosts. Yet despite all the complications, Ben presses on, determined to find the evidence that will prove everyone wrong.
Peace Dreams
Martha Gorzycki - [San Francisco, CA] U S A
Animation >

An animated journey through a transforming dreamscape, chronicles the language of symbols as experienced in a series of dreams spanning eleven years.
Proof of Birth
Jose Luis Orbegozo - [Brooklyn, AL] U S A
Drama >

Proof of Birth tells the story of Luis Gonzalez, a young illegal Mexican immigrant on his quest to obtain a legal driver's license in New York City.
GURCH SINGH - [Oxford, OXFORDSHIRE] United Kingdom
Horror >

RAVI and JEET are in love. The city they live in represents the families they wish to escape from — they fantasise about the rural idyll of the countryside and finally gather the courage to run away together. The romance of the open road does not bring freedom and joy but instead, ugliness, horror, confusion and a kind of “bloody hell”
Naufrage (Shipwreck)
Olivier Beguin
- [Switzerland]
Horror >

A boat trip goes wrong and two couples end up on a remote island. They soon discover why this island is not mentionned on any map.
Six Bullets
Graham Killeen - [Belgium, WI] U S A
Action/Adventure >

'Six Bullets' is a tribute to the American western and graphic novel. In a desolate world where magic is real and demons wield it without mercy an ancient evil surfaced pitting neighbor against neighbor, father against mother. A young girl loses her parents and must choose between revenge and redemption.
Slum Noir
Jahmad Rollins - [Valencia, CA] U S A
Animation >

Masked children of the slum chase after a young girl carrying a mysterious box.
Some Call It Heaven
Pamela Uzzell - [Berkeley, CA] U S A
Documentary >

'Some Call It Heaven' chronicles the history of oil boomtown Smackover, Arkansas, and its most notorious citizen, the 'Goat Woman.' Shunned, feared, admired and desired, this misunderstood woman captured a small town's imagination for over seventy years.


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Arnon Moskowitz -
Narrative >

Bobby Souza, a failing soundman, emerges heroic for his uncanny abilities to help a troubled woman hear.
Surviving Rita: Looking Forward
Gordon S. Williams - [Cleveland, TX] U S A
Documentary >

Surviving Rita: Looking Forward chronicles the impact of the devastation of Hurricane Rita and the long period of recovery that continues in Southeast Texas.
The Guardian of Decency
Aralis Bloise - [Miami, FL] U S A
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >

An adulterous couple gets more than they bargained for when they are blackmailed by an unlikely source.
The Last Laugh
Gregory Mazzotta - [Hawthorne, CA] U S A
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >

Grandpa is terrorized by the world's most lovable little furball.
The Un-Gone
Simon Bovey - [Worcester, WORCESTERSHIRE] United Kingdom
Fantasy/Sci-Fi >

Step into a matter transporter in one time zone, arrive seconds later in another. Simple. But when the system malfunctions, one man discovers the dark truth behind the corporate facade.
Tom's Place
Alex Patsos - [Merrick, NY] U S A
Mystery/Suspense/Thriller >

Is it a dream? Or is it a terrible reality? Tom's Place is a film that redefines these ideas, calling them both into question. Haunted by the past, Tom lives in an endless nightmare that continuously destroys his perception of reality. In one single night we travel into the depths of Toms psyche as we dig up his deepest, darkest fears.
Totally Connected
Randy Brown - [Austin, TX] U S A
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >

This dry-witted SNL-style mock commercial touts the ultimate smart phone: a matchbook-sized device that delivers your email, faxes, and phone calls 24 / 7. The device even has a built-in GPS transmitter, so you can always be found. But 'getting away without falling behind' has a hidden cost...

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