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The Following is a List of the Films Featured for 2006 in Alphabetical Order.


3 Minute Dates - Jason Williams [New Berlin, WI]
Narrative >

Men do not always know if they are trying too hard to impress a woman or not enough. On the flip side, women may pass up a good catch only to get someone worse.
• Angry Ghost - Jack Christopher [Marina Del Rey, CA]
Horror >
Stuck in a cabin in the woods, The Elitist Novelist, the Computer Geek, the Priest all surrounded by the malevolent forces roaming about. There has been bad deeds and someone has to pay. Angry Ghost is out and about looking for flesh, and doesn't like cars either.
Attack of the Giant Brits - John Gehrke [Burbank, CA]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >
Recently unearthed from the national archives, Attack of the Giant Brits documents the harrowing 1956 invasion of two enormous upper-class British gents. Experience the terror through everyday people like You and I.
Because You Demanded It! - Sarah Crauder [Burnaby, BC - Canada]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >
While the boss is away, two competitive comic book store employees, Steve and Dave, are inspired by a comic book to manipulate two young customers. Steve will do anything to get the boy and girl together, but Dave will do anything to ruin Steve's plans.
Cinematorture - Denis Filyukov [Moscow - RUSSIA]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >
A comedy about how an independent movie is made. The torture, nervousness, and sleepless nights. Everything goes wrong during production when suddenly something happens and it all comes together. Stop! The movie is done!
[Russian with English Subtitles]
Come To Daddy - Roberto Minervini [Brooklyn, NY]
Drama >
A desperate, tormented man goes on a rampage while looking for his son. A Quasi-monologue piece about the absurdity and aberrations of Human Nature.
Cruel Logic - Brian Godawa [Los Angeles, CA]
Mystery/Suspense/Thriller >
A university professor of sociobiology is captured by a brilliant serial killer who debates with him about the professor's own theory of the biological origins of crime. The topic: His moral right to kill the professor.
Eddie's Winning Date - Julia Radochia [Los Angeles, CA]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >
In early 2002, many New England fans always expected to lose. So Eddie didn't hesitate to bet against his own Patriots. But Eddie didn't bet money. Instead, his friends, sick of his committment phobia, make him call back and apologize to every woman he's ever dated and ditched. But will he turn out to be a winner after all?
Flyaway - Danny Oakley [Winston-Salem, NC]
Animation >
A little wooden plane, despite the price it must pay, does the impossible and joins a world it could only dream of.
KISS - Jason Neff [Los Angeles, CA]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >
You want something deep....what's deeper than sex?
Bob and Carlos meet at a cafe to finalize the details of their next big project, only to discover that their artistic vision is farther apart than they expected.
Kyoto Nocturnes, Part I: Elegant Slaughter - John Foster [Hirakata, Osaka - JAPAN]
Noir/Crime/Detective >
A psychotic yakuza boss hires an alluring American hit woman to end a gang war in the geisha district of Japan's ancient capital.
Boss Watanabe is clinging to his sanity and control of Kyoto's yakuza after Boss Aihara massacres most of his men in a sneak attack. Holed up in a dingy bar with Uchida, his lieutenant, Watanabe starts to see the mutilated ghosts of his dead soldiers. The specters blame him for their deaths, and they want revenge. Terrorized by both his inner demons and the threat that Aihara's thugs will find him at any minute, Watanabe has only one way out.
[Japanese with English Subtitles]
Life's Little Gaps - Scott Hillhouse [Tulsa, OK]
Drama >
Evan is your ordinary Two-Hundred and Fifly Pound man in cricket pajamas. Some would call him "Special", others "Handicapped," but left with the mind of a child, Evan now faces his greatest challenge when his brother and guardian, Bill, gets called in to work in the middle of the night and a burglar breaks into their home.
Love Story - Rory Douglas Abel [Philadelphia, PA]
Mystery/Suspense/Thriller >
Amanda is the prisoner of a madman convinced that she is his girlfriend. She's seen the newspaper clippings of his passed 'girlfriends;' they all had one thing in common, they were never found alive. Amanda's about to find out that love doesn't just hurt, sometimes it can be fatal.
Lover From Beyond The Grave - Thomas Iuso [Bronx, NY]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >
An homage to Ed Wood and Bela Lugosi. Stars a jealous warlock that resurrects his wife from the grave, so he can finally have the chance to kill her. But will he have full control over her body?
No Rain - Craig Evans [Boise, ID]
Narrative >
The past and the future come together when a man chooses himself over the American dream. Distractions of his girlfriend Morgan along the way nearly cost Ian his dream; but he soon realizes what truly makes him happy. From a moment in childhood that ignited his imagination, Ian discovers a way of life through tai-chi, and a path to his greatest end.
Rapid Eye Movement - Jeremy Sexton [Austin, TX]
Noir/Crime/Detective >
A murder interrupts a narcoleptic detective's vacation, returning Eddie Faith to the line of duty. Eddie's dark past looms over the recent murder, with an old friend as the prime suspect. Once part of a now defunct elite group of assassins, Eddie fears, "The Weathermen", have returned for him. With no one to trust and the sleep increasing, Eddie's future remains in the shadows.
Robot Boy - Max Nguyen [Houston, TX]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >
A lonely young man finds friendship only to take it for granted when he is tempted by the feminine wiles of his new neighbor.
Rusty Forkblade - Evan Daugherty [Dallas, TX]
Fantasy/Sci-Fi >
After a freak boating/drinking/grilling accident, a Texas redneck is mistakenly transported to Valhalla, the legendary afterlife meant for slain Viking heroes. Odin, king of the Norse gods, claims that Rusty is the legendary Savior of Valhalla and that he alone can lead the warriors of Valhalla to victory against the invading troll army.
Sins of the Mother - Earl Newton [Ponce de Leon, FL]
Mystery/Suspense/Thriller >
After an unsuspecting patient fails a background check, a second-year intern is directed to abort her child without her knowledge. 'Sins of the Mother' reveals the dark side of a brave new world, a world where parents undergo secret background checks and exams before they are allowed to bear children.
Snoozer - Jason Affolder [Vincennes, IN]
Narrative >
A Silent Comedy, a tale of love, watermelons, and a pirate. Boy meets girl and pursues her through a series of intertwining dreams, facing surreal obstacles and a dastardly rival for her affection. The film is inspired by Classic Cartoons, Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, and the music of The Beach Boys.
Southwestern Orange County vs. the Flying Saucers - Robert Dastoli [Orlando, FL]
Fantasy/Sci-Fi >
Warning! Take Cover! Flying saucers have invaded Southwestern Orange County Florida. The only hope to save the vacation destination capital of the world lies in a recently fired yet scientifically inclined theme park employee. It's the flex ticket to terror!
Spinky and Dimble - Mendi Menefee [Santa Cruz, CA]
Animation >
A boy and his giant hamster friend find out that sometimes life is not-so-nice.
Televangelists - Wesley Carter [Houston, TX]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >
A member of a bamboozling televangelist team questions his morality while the others question his sanity.
The Cacophone - Kristen Maxwell [Austin, TX]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >
An introverted young woman must confront her family's destiny when she inherits an ancient musical instrument with a sinister history.
The Exchange - Byron Karabatsos [Philadelphia, PA]
Narrative >
Based loosely on alleged events that occurred during the Iran/Contra scandal, The Exchange mixes fiction and fact, comedy and drama, and exploits the tension between what we see and what we hear.
The Father, Unblinking - Ziggy Attias [Southampton, NY]
Narrative >
Set in rural America a father discovers his young daughter dead of fever and makes the decision to bury her secretly, without informing his wife.
The First Date - Brian Pearce [Noblesville, IN]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >
Mike Crawford has never had much luck in love, but that may all change tonight. The First Date follows Mike and his thoughts on another blind date. Will he blow another chance at love or will he be able to build up the courage to sweep her off her feet?
The Mamtsotsi Bird - Jo Horn [Johannesburg, Gauteng - SOUTH AFRICA]
Horror >
Evil soars to new heights. An African mythological creature the Mamtsotsi Bird is called down from the thunder by witches to carry out missions of malevolence. Musa, A troubled woman living in a loveless relationship can feel something evil drawing closer. Her estranged husband Sipho tries to convince her that it's all in her mind because of her alcohol abuse.
TREE PEOPLE - Joseph D'Angora [Van Nuys, CA]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >
Three young women head to a haunted forest to escape their loser boyfriends. Mixing drama, horror and sexy comedy, this film examines the qualities of men that both attract and repel women at the same time.
Unexpectedly Television - Saeed Nouri [Tehran - IRAN]
Narrative >
An experimental film about off-screen space in cinema. Off-screen space asserts its existence through the sounds, shadows, a mirror, and video -images.
[Farsi with English Subtitles]
We're the Government —and You're Not - David McElroy [Trussville, AL]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >
What if the U.S. government released a 'public service film' to teach Americans today how to be good citizens? 'We're the Government -- and You're Not' is a satire of just such a film. It's a satire of just how the federal government expects its 'loyal subjects' to behave. If you'll obey these simple rules, you'll be a good, patriotic American citizen -- as far as the feds are concerned.

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