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The following are the winning films for 2006.


Films will be available for viewing shortly. Please check back soon.

* Note : Films contain adult humor, language, situations, and violence.

Best Animation:

Flyaway - Danny Oakley, Director - Lori Cernak, Coproducer
[Winston-Salem, NC]
Animation >

A little wooden plane, despite the price it must pay, does the impossible and joins a world it could only dream of.

Best Comedy/Parody/Spoof:
KISS - Jason Neff, Director - Bob Orshak, Producer
[Los Angeles, CA]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >

You want something deep....what's deeper than sex?
Bob and Carlos meet at a cafe to finalize the details of their next big project, only to discover that their artistic vision is farther apart than they expected.

Best Drama:
Life's Little Gaps - Scott Hillhouse, Director/Producer
[Tulsa, OK]
Drama >

Evan is your ordinary Two-Hundred and Fifly Pound man in cricket pajamas. Some would call him "Special", others "Handicapped," but left with the mind of a child, Evan now faces his greatest challenge when his brother and guardian, Bill, gets called in to work in the middle of the night and a burglar breaks into their home.

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi:
Southwestern Orange County vs. the Flying Saucers - James Dastoli and Robert Dastoli, Directors - Jordyn Roberts, Producer
[Orlando, FL]
Fantasy/Sci-Fi >

Warning! Take Cover! Flying saucers have invaded Southwestern Orange County Florida. The only hope to save the vacation destination capital of the world lies in a recently fired yet scientifically inclined theme park employee. It's the flex ticket to terror!

Best Horror:
The Mamtsotsi Bird -
Jo Horn, Director/Producer
[Johannesburg, Gauteng - SOUTH AFRICA]
Horror >

Evil soars to new heights. An African mythological creature the Mamtsotsi Bird is called down from the thunder by witches to carry out missions of malevolence. Musa, A troubled woman living in a loveless relationship can feel something evil drawing closer. Her estranged husband Sipho tries to convince her that it's all in her mind because of her alcohol abuse.

Best Narrative;
The Father, Unblinking - Ziggy Attias, Director - Sergei Krasikau, Producer
[Southampton, NY]
Narrative >

Set in rural America a father discovers his young daughter dead of fever and makes the decision to bury her secretly, without informing his wife.

Best Mystery/Suspense/Thriller:
*Willie's Spirit Award:

Sins of the Mother - Earl Newton, Director
[Ponce de Leon, FL]
Mystery/Suspense/Thriller >

After an unsuspecting patient fails a background check, a second-year intern is directed to abort her child without her knowledge. 'Sins of the Mother' reveals the dark side of a brave new world, a world where parents undergo secret background checks and exams before they are allowed to bear children.

Best Noir/Crime/Detective:
Kyoto Nocturnes, Part I: Elegant Slaughter - John Foster, Director/Producer
[Hirakata, Osaka - JAPAN]
Noir/Crime/Detective >

A psychotic yakuza boss hires an alluring American hit woman to end a gang war in the geisha district of Japan's ancient capital.
Boss Watanabe is clinging to his sanity and control of Kyoto's yakuza after Boss Aihara massacres most of his men in a sneak attack. Holed up in a dingy bar with Uchida, his lieutenant, Watanabe starts to see the mutilated ghosts of his dead soldiers. The specters blame him for their deaths, and they want revenge. Terrorized by both his inner demons and the threat that Aihara's thugs will find him at any minute, Watanabe has only one way out.
[Japanese with English Subtitles]

*Audience Pick Friday Night:
Rapid Eye Movement - Jeremy Sexton, Director - Owen Shiflett, Producer
[Austin, TX]
Noir/Crime/Detective >

A murder interrupts a narcoleptic detective's vacation, returning Eddie Faith to the line of duty. Eddie's dark past looms over the recent murder, with an old friend as the prime suspect. Once part of a now defunct elite group of assassins, Eddie fears, "The Weathermen", have returned for him. With no one to trust and the sleep increasing, Eddie's future remains in the shadows.

*Audience Pick Saturday Night:
Televangelists - Wesley Carter, Director/Producer
[Houston, TX]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >

A member of a bamboozling televangelist team questions his morality while the others question his sanity.

Honorable Mentions —Determined by second highest audience vote.

**Honorable Mention - Friday Night:
The Cacophone - Ryan Farriss, Director - Kristen Maxwell, Producer
[Austin, TX]
Comedy/Parody/Spoof >

An introverted young woman must confront her family's destiny when she inherits an ancient musical instrument with a sinister history.

**Honorable Mention - Saturday Night:
Rusty Forkblade - Evan Daugherty, Director
[Dallas, TX]
Fantasy/Sci-Fi >

After a freak boating/drinking/grilling accident, a Texas redneck is mistakenly transported to Valhalla, the legendary afterlife meant for slain Viking heroes. Odin, king of the Norse gods, claims that Rusty is the legendary Savior of Valhalla and that he alone can lead the warriors of Valhalla to victory against the invading troll army.

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The festival will return to The Aurora Theatre.

The Aurora Theatre
800 Aurora St.
Houston, TX

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