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We are now accepting entries.

Submissions accepted until May 15, 2007

Late entries accepted until May 31, 2007.


  • 06-29-07: Notifications of acceptance have now been sent to all filmmakers selected for the 2007 season. Thanks once again to all filmmakers who submitted films this year. We look forward to your future works.

  • 06-22-07: Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, two of the selection judges were unable to complete their reviews by the correct date. Please bear with us as notifications should be emailed by Friday, June 29, 2007. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

  • 06-15-07: The notify date should have said June 20 (not June 10th) we apologize for any inconvenience.

  • 04-15-07: Another Pirate Party come and gone and we had a BLAST!
    We had more performances and more stuff to offer this year and we thank you all who made it out to join us. And to all of you who participated and made the evening a success.

  • 02-28-07: After an unfortunate event involving the post office and a submission, we would like to ask that all entries be sent in padded or cardboard envelopes.

  • 02-24-07: Due to popular demand we will once again be using the WAB system, despite recent policy changes.

  • 01-01-07: Fees and Categories have changed this year and been separated into three lengths - Short (3:00 - 15:00 minutes), Standard Length (15:01 - 35:00 minutes), and Long Program/Short-Feature (35:01 - 60:00 minutes). See Submission Page for full details.

  • 01-01-07: Happy New Year. We are now accepting entries for the 2007 season.

  • 07-24-06: The winning films for 2006 have now been announced on the films page. They should be available for viewing shortly. Thanks again to everyone who participated and who attended. We look forward to another great year in 2007. Maybe we'll see your film there as well.

    **faq page has also been updated

  • 07-23-06: Another festival has come and gone...and what a wonderful time was had by all! We had a great attendance this year and met more great filmmakers. A huge thanks to Carlos Lama and Andrea Grover at The Aurora Theater. True patrons of film art.
    Winning films will be announced on Monday 7-24-06 and should be available for viewing at that time.
    As always, we look forward to everyone's future projects...including yours.>

  • 07-01-06: Screening Schedule is now available online on the "Tickets" page.
    Ticket's are also available for Purchase at this time.

  • 06-29-06: All notifications have now gone out and the schedule is being finalized. It should be ready by Friday afternoon 06-30-06.

  • 06-16-06: The WAB Extended Deadline has now passed.

  • 05-31-06: The Late Deadline has now passed.

  • 05-16-06: The Regular Deadline has now passed.

  • 04-18-06: We've received our first entry from Japan. The first chapter in a Yakuza genre film.

  • 04-17-06: The Pirate Party Was A BLAST!
    The folks from SDTV and The Houston Press joined us for the evening. Read more about it on the Pirate Party page.

  • 04-01-06:

    What: Pirate Party to benefit Pencil Head's Dusk Til Dawn Film Fest
    When: Saturday, April 15th 7:00 pm
    Where: Sirrom School of Dance
    5570 Weslayan Rd.
    Houston, TX 77005

    Admission: $10 donation
    Click Pirate Party link above for more info.

  • 03-27-06: Festival information and entry now available at Without A Box -

  • 02-09-06: We've received our first international entry from Tehran, Iran.

  • 02-08-06: Winning Films from 2005 are available for viewing.

  • 01-30-06: We have begun receiving entries for review.

  • 01-01-06: We are now taking submissions. The website will continue to be updated before the festival.

  • 09-02-05: Winners Announced on Films page. Images and videos available soon.

  • 08-06-05: Tickets can now be purchased online via PayPal. Seating is limited so make sure to get your tickets early.

  • 07-20-05: It's been very busy around here lately. The website updates are behind schedule. Too much work, too few hours, not enough hands.
    The films have been selected and are in process of judging.
    The location has been firmed up - The Aurora Picture Show (Aurora Picture Show).
    Tickets and Screening Schedule will be available as soon as possible; hopefully by the end of the week.


  • 04-15-05: We will be screening the films of 2004 at Helios in Houston on April 29th - 30th from 8:00pm - 11:00pm
    Different films each night, admission $10 or both days for $15 -This is a fundraiser for this year's festival. Click HERE for more details.

  • 02-24-05: Films page has been updated with 2004 film information and Quicktime videos.
    Performers page has also been updated with a link to performer info from 2004.

  • 01-25-05: The minimum time limit has been reduced to 1 minute.

  • 01-22-05: While getting the website updated I ran into a little snag. Technical Difficulties seem to have been resolved.

  • 01-15-05: We are now ready to accept submissions.

  • 12-05-05: Due to circumstances beyond our control, we're running behind our originally planned submission schedule but everything is on track now. Due to the aforementioned circumstances, we have pushed the festival to July 30, 2005 to allow more time for submissions. We plan on resuming our May schedule in 2006.


The festival will return to The Aurora Theatre.

The Aurora Theatre
800 Aurora St.
Houston, TX

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