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The following are the winning films for 2005.


Films are available for viewing in either Quicktime 6+ or Real Player 9+ formats. Click the appropriate icon below to download a player if needed. Films will 'POPUP' in viewing window. Set popup blockers accordingly.

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* Note : Films contain adult humor, language, situations, and violence.

Best Animation:

Dear, Sweet Emma
- Loraine Cernak [Winston-Salem, NC]
Animation > TRT: 5.5min
View with Quicktime
19MB  View with Real Player 4MB
As the search is given up for Emma's latest husband, Tucker, we see how Emma copes...

Best Comedy:
The Inside Job - John Taddeo [Lighthouse Point, FL]
Drama/Comedy > TRT: 23min
84MB    17MB
After 5 years of loyal service, Tony "Bags" Lopez is missing with Alphonso D'Amico's $50,000.00; a meager sum. D'Amico decides to send his youngest son "Allie-Boy" to find "Bags" and collect the $50k.

Best Documentary;
*Audience Pick - Saturday Night:

Non-Player Character - John Paul Kinhart [Owings Mills, MD]
Documentary >
Available Soon
To describe the imaginary character that a player interacts with during a game, role-players created the term 'non-player-character.' This engaging documentary portrait follows three entertainers - a role-player, an improv comedian, and a ventriloquist - as they use these fictional characters to assist them in their professional and private lives.

Best Narrative;
*Audience Pick - Friday Night:

The Pilgrimage - Veronica Rodriguez [Weslaco, TX]
Narrative/Relationship > TRT: 15min
54MB    11MB
Two sisters make a pilgrimage to the Virgen de San Juan. Along the way they come to the realization that while their beliefs will never coincide, they can still find comfort from the past.

Best Suspense/Thriller:
Predator - Molly Vernon [League City, TX]
Suspense/Thriller > TRT: 7min
26MB     6MB
One young girl gets singled out in the park to be the next victim of a child-molester and we share the shocking results.

Willie's Spirit Award:
401-KO - Lynn Michaels [Kingwood, TX]
Spoof > TRT: 9min
Two Yuppies underestimate a stranger when he enters their bar.

Honorable Mentions —Determined by second highest audience vote.

**Honorable Mention - Friday Night:
#2 - Wesley Carter [Houston, TX]
Comedy > TRT: 11min
43MB     9MB
Two Co-workers apply for a position, one lies and says he speaks Spanish to get the position. He is later called upon by the boss to translate for a big deal.

**Honorable Mention - Saturday Night:
- Gordon S Williams [Cleveland, TX]
Action/Adventure > TRT: 21min
77MB     16MB
Prominent athlete, BJ Stone, is stalked by a mysterious woman after the untimely death of investigative reporter, Jennifer Nguyen.


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The festival will return to The Aurora Theatre.

The Aurora Theatre
800 Aurora St.
Houston, TX

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