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The following is a general list of the films featured for 2005 in alphabetical order.


  • #2 - Wesley Carter [Houston, TX]
    Comedy >

    Two Co-workers apply for a position, one lies and says he speaks Spanish to get the position. He is later called upon by the boss to translate for a big deal.

  • 401-KO - Lynn Michaels [Kingwood, TX]
    Spoof >
    Two Yuppies underestimate a stranger when he enters their bar.

  • A Sticky Situation - Christina Capozzi [Merrick, NY]
    Animation >
    A Bluejay's dilemma when he decides to use bubblegum to complete his nest of junk.

  • A Stranger With A Rose - Larry Purtell [Irving, TX]
    Comedy >
    An older gentleman brings a rose to the park to give to a lady he has met before. His quest encounters some difficulties as he meets odd characters along the way.

  • Butter Pecan - Joanie Brockett [Spring Valley, NY]
    Animation >
    A goldfish in a local diner has an over-active imagination.

  • Clean People - Roy S Ford [Spring, TX]
    Comedy >
    It's Sunday...the day when all the beautiful people do their laundry.
    Bernard "Bunkie" Coney (not so beautiful) tries to fit in...but being "cool" isn't as easy as it looks. Will they learn to accept his blunders or will they simply ignore his efforts? Watch as they all learn what it means to be real in a beautifully clean world.

  • Dear, Sweet Emma - Loraine Cernak [Winston-Salem, NC]
    Animation >
    As the search is given up for Emma's latest husband, Tucker, we see how Emma copes..

  • Debt Consolidated - Josh Bass [Houston, TX]
    Comedy/Parody >
    This is parody of a credit card debt counseling commercial, though not any one commercial in particular.

  • Detective Unit - Steven Law [Axtell, TX]
    Narrative/Action >
    With noir grit and telltale daredevilry “Detective Unit” explores the experiences of a veteran policeman as he mentors his young partner and attempts to keep his own nerve under the shadow of an unpopular case assignment.

  • Fork in the Road - Jason Swarr [Temecula, CA]
    Horror/Suspense >
    Rookie serial killer, Charlie "Gruesome" Huesome, decides if the path he has chosen is the right way to go.

  • Gemini - Gordon S Williams [Cleveland, TX]
    Action/Adventure >
    Prominent athlete, BJ Stone, is stalked by a mysterious woman after the untimely death of investigative reporter, Jennifer Nguyen.

  • Half Empty - Darrell McGregor [Houston, TX]
    Film Noir >
    Seth Rivard, an old-fashioned, down on his luck private eye, is thinking of hanging it up after years of tracking down low-life criminals. However, when an attractive new client offers him another case, Seth can't refuse. When the case cracks he ends up at the crossroads of murder and betrayal.

  • I, Zombi - Jeremy Newman [Evanston, IL]
    Documentary >
    Documentary of the horror show host, "I, Zombi"

  • Joey and Jerome's Excellent Action Movie - Josh Bass [Houston, TX]
    Comedy >
    Two friends, inspired by Ben Affleck's performance in an awesome action flick, decide to make their own awesome action flick.

  • Lemonade - John Harrigan [Orchard Park, NY]
    Comedy >
    This off-beat comedy is the story of a graduate student working on a thesis about Charles Fourier, the French Utopian-Socialist philosopher. The student is struggling with writing the thesis which is compounded by problmes with ants in his house and a visit from the cable installer. These encounters, however, lead the student to a realization about the working he is trying to articulate.

  • Lis and Ogre - Jim and Vale Bruck [Jackson, NJ]
    Animation >
    A digitally animated adventure in which train engineer/heroine "Lis" inadvertenly awakens the villain "Ogre" who then move through many extraordinary fantasy environmentstoward a climactic confrontation inside an otherworldly ore processing factory.

  • My Liberation - Mark Trevino [Houston, TX]
    Narrative/Experimental >
    A musician becomes tired of the everyday music life then finds simplicity in an office job. After quitting the band and working his first day of work, he realizes that he cannot change himself by just changing his appearance. His lifestyle will follow him wherever he goes.

  • No Quits - Episode 1 - Scott Osborn [Austin, TX]
    Suspense/Thriller >
    When a hit man discvoers he will be a father, he decides to retire from the business that broaches 'no backing away'.

  • Non-Player Character - John Paul Kinhart [Owings Mills, MD]
    Documentary >
    To describe the imaginary character that a player interacts with during a game, role-players created the term 'non-player-character.' This engaging documentary portrait follows three entertainers - a role-player, an improv comedian, and a ventriloquist - as they use these fictional characters to assist them in their professional and private lives.

  • Predator - Molly Vernon [League City, TX]
    Suspense/Thriller >
    One young girl gets singled out in the park to be the next victim of a child-molester and we share the shocking results.

  • Reaper Madness - Philip Snyder [Island Park, NY]
    Horror/Suspense/Thriller >
    Two Punk Rockers enter a greaveyard with plans to party. They encounter a foreboding figure in the form of the Grim Reaper. The couple's vision of decadent bliss becomes a bloody nightmare.
    Reaper Madness is one scene from a feature-length screenplay titled "Reel Blood", about two filmmakers making a low-budget horror film.

  • Rocco Primavera - Philip Snyder [Island Park, NY]
    Mockumentary/Music Video >
    A documentary/music vdeo/commercial about a NYC East Village nightclub entertainer named "Rocco Primavera". Rocco is oblivious to all culture except '60's & '70's Vegas. He's a combination of Frank Sinatra and Liberace.

  • Scooter Spaghettio Love - Parker Howard and Sophie Turcotte [Keller, TX]
    Romance/Relationship/Comedy >
    A coming of age story about six teens who form an unusual friendship. It's also about overcoming inhibition and self-doubt. The film has everything from late-night serenades to dance parties in the streets.

  • Silent Fox and the Hen House - Randy Butterfield [Alameda, CA]
    Animation >
    A sly fox is on the prowl for a tasty morsel. Today, chicken is the preferred choice on Mother Nature's menu. Will the wily fox be victorious and catch his prey? or will the cornered chicken get the best of the silent hunter in the end?

  • The Inside Job - John Taddeo [Lighthouse Point, FL]
    Drama/Comedy >
    After 5 years of loyal service, Tony "Bags" Lopez is missing with Alphonso D'Amico's $50,000.00; a meager sum. D'Amico decides to send his youngest son "Allie-Boy" to find "Bags" and collect the $50k.

  • The Mayflower - Mark White [Houston, TX]
    Comedy >
    Reggie moves from one apartment to another only to be folloed by a plague of cockroaches which invade his house warming party and total chaos ensues.

  • The Pilgrimage - Veronica Rodriguez [Weslaco, TX]
    Narrative/Relationship >
    Two sisters make a pilgrimage to the Virgen of San Juan. Along the way they come to the realization that while their beliefs will never coincide, they can still find comfort from the past.

  • The Tell Tale Cell - A Rehearsal - Philip Snyder [Island Park, NY]
    DocumentaryNarrative >
    In a workshop, a group of actors read a short story, an updated version of Edgar Allen Poe's tale of murder and obsessiveness, written by Robert Snyder. As the actors, led by T.G. Cody, read the story, the vignette comes to life in the minds of the viewer.

  • Winter Solstice - Sandy Chertok [New York, NY]
    Action/Adventure >
    On the eve of the Winter Solstice, The Annointed One battles numerous elite and evil warriors in order to rescue a maiden before she is sacrificed. Will The Annointed One get there in time or will someone stop him in the middle of his mission?

  • Zoom Suit - John Taddeo [Lighthouse, FL]
    Animation >
    After 50 years, the U.S. government unravels the secrets to the alien space-suit recovered in Roswell, New Mexico. In a theft attempt, the enemy operative leaps from a helicopter. The suit is found by a young boy who tries it on as a Halloween costume. This year "Trick-or-Treat" has a whole new meaning.


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