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Below are the winning films from the 2004 premiere.



1st Place Winner, 2004:

War on the Homefront - Max Nguyen
Comedy/Action> 14 minutes

Three shoplifters are on a hunt for a girlfriend's birthday gift, but the quest hits some major bumps.

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2nd Place Winner, 2004:

The Greater Ambition - Gordon S. Williams
Romance/Relationship > 45 minutes
[other screenings in 2004 - Delta Sigma Theta Black Filmmakers Showcase]
[won 2nd place at the Spindletop/Lamar University Film Festival 2003]
[Finalist, 2003 Film Expo Texas.]
A reluctant celebrity and a strong-willed television producer try to balance love and their prosperous careers.



3rd Place Winner, 2004:

Peter and I - Josh Bass
Comedy/Relationship > 4 minutes

Al and his best friend are having trouble with their relationship. Will they make it through? Or go their separate ways forever?

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Willie's Spirit Award Winner, 2004:

An honorary award presented by the Director and Assistant Director, to a film of exceptional vision and independence, that breaks barriers, and furthers the art of independent film as a whole.

Kaze, Ghost Warrior - Timothy Albee; Fairbanks, Alaska
Action/Adventure Animation >

In the none-too-distant past, a plan was uncovered to overthrow the Royal Family -one by one, the members of the Royal Family fell. The gentle and much adored 'Bay was the last to disappear, in love with a young Captain in the House-Guard, Kaze.
Kaze is revealed as one of the primary leaders behind the failed coup attempt. He was slain upon discovery.
Now, many summers and winters since those fateful events, when the moon is full, if you stand on the shores of the Kitsune River, and whisper 'Bay's name to the wind, you will see a shape moving through the trees on the far shore, and it is said that Kaze walks these lands again...


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